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Is smart home heating the way forward?

Is smart home heating the way forward?

Our customers often ask our advice on their home heating. Smart home heating is increasingly gaining interest. So we have decided to put together this blog to tell you what smart home heating is, it’s pros and cons, and if it could be the way forward for you.

Smart Home Heating

Smart home heating involves the use of thermostats. A typical/ traditional room thermostat simply allows you to change the temperature in your home by using a control panel or dial. A smart thermostat, however, provides you with more efficient and user-friendly control over the heating of your home- by using just three basic components.

3 components:

The first component is plugged directly into your boiler. It can wirelessly communicate with the second component. This is an in-home device- which is the thermostat and chief control. The third component is an app. This app is typically downloaded on to a tablet, or smart phone- though some are downloaded onto computers or laptops too. Users can then remotely control the second component (the thermostat/chief control device), by using the app. This allows them to easily alter the heating, wherever they are!

Note, however that this is just the basic foundation of smart thermostats. Some smart thermostats can offer much more! Some, for example, remember your household’s schedule, or can detect when you’re close to home. They can then prepare the heating accordingly.

The benefits of smart thermostats/heating

Being able to remotely control a home’s temperature can be especially appealing to those with busy schedules, or those particularly forgetful. If you have gone out and left the heating on, or if you have a meeting or appointment that is overrunning (so you’re not home when expected) you can just use your phone to turn your heating off!

Smart heating can thus save you from feelings of stress, the inconvenience of having to return home to turn off the heating, and save you money on your energy bills. You will no longer need to leave an empty house being heated. So although smart thermostats may not directly save you money- in the way switching energy suppliers can- they can save you money by helping reduce your usage. You can receive reports about how you use your energy. Becoming aware of times when you use and probably waste energy, will help you adjust your behaviour and preferences. Being less wasteful will obviously decrease energy bills.\

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Potential cons:

Some smart thermostats may seem like an initial undesirable expense. Yet, often the savings make them worth it. Many manufactures predict you will make the cost back within the first year! However, your actual savings will depend on several factors, such as which thermostat you choose to install and your current heating features and habits.

But please bear in mind that smart heating (and any smart technology) does require a good wireless internet connection, and the app to be downloaded on a modern device. So if you have an older model phone or tablet, you may find compatibility issues. And if you live in a remote area and suffer poor internet connectivity, smart heating doesn’t seem like it’ll be the way forward for you.

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