Heat Pumps in South Yorkshire

What are heat pumps, you may well be asking? Air source heat pumps absorb outside heat, whether it be from the ground or the air, and then that heat is used to heat central heating systems. These systems can consistently provide heat throughout the year, even when the temperature outside is quite low.

The benefits of having a heat pump include lower energy bills, lower carbon emissions & minimal maintenance. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Energy Efficient Homes in Rotherham & Sheffield

Are you looking to save more money on your monthly fuel bills? Or maybe you’re looking to do your part to cut carbon emissions.

Whatever your reasons are for making your home more energy efficient we can be of service. Simply click on the button below and fill out our contact form to find out exactly how we can be of service.

Weather Compensation

What exactly is weather compensation and how can it help you? Weather compensation is a form of communication between the boiler and an external temperature sensor. The central heating system then matches the amount of heat loss caused by a cold day, leading to a more consistent heating system.

Weather compensation can in turn save you money on your energy bills, extend the lifespan of your boiler and can be installed at minimal disruption and at a reasonable cost. If you are in Rotherham or the surrounding area and are interested in this service, energy saving and in renewable energy, please get in touch with us today.