How to Improve the Energy Use in Your Home

Old boilers can be noisy, energy-consuming and expensive. By taking a few energy-efficient measures, you can cut down on the energy consumption and on the bills for heating your home. A greener household leads to a sustainable consumption so you can enjoy the same–or an even better–comfort, without wasting energy and money.

As per the measures announced in 2017 by the Government, all domestic households should align with the regulations that aim to reduce the carbon emissions in both the UK and Europe. Although the regulations refer only to the boilers installed after the 1st of April 2018, eventually, all heating systems will need to include one (or more) of the following systems that allow an efficient energy use:

  1. Flue gas heat recovery system

It is estimated that the flue gases released by a heating system can reach temperatures as high as 60°C. Therefore, a lot of warmth that is normally produced by a boiler is wasted away. Flue gas heat recovery systems were designed to cut down on waste and reuse the already heated water. They can be installed by a gas safe registered plumber and they can significantly cut down the bills you pay during winter. Their biggest advantage is that they don’t interfere at all with your comfort so you can enjoy the same temperature, but consume and pay for less energy.

  1. Weather compensation system

Another energy-effective system, it was designed to match the temperature in your home to the one outside. A sensor placed on the outer wall of your home communicates with the boiler so that the heat generated inside is adjusted to the cold or sunny day outside. It practically automates the temperature setting, so that the boiler only generates the energy required. This system not only saves you money but also increases your comfort, as the days when the house is too hot or too cold will be long gone.

  1. Load compensation

This function is already used on a wider scale than the previous systems mentioned, and thermostats are just an example. The idea behind load compensation is to adjust the internal temperature to the one set by the consumer so that the boiler doesn’t generate constant energy.

  1. Smart controls

Smart controls are probably one of the best innovations that technology brought along. With a simple tap on a tablet or smartphone or just a few clicks on a laptop, the consumer can remotely modify the temperature settings in their home, giving full control over the energy use.

     5. Turn your household greener

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