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What Repairs Are Landlords & Tenants Responsible For?

Renting properties comes with legal responsibility, and as a landlord – or tenant – it’s in your best interest to know what the responsibilities of each party are. The legal framework of the landlord-tenant relationship is set out in The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, which regulates the rental market. Landlord Responsibilities As per law, […]

The Law & Being Gas Safe – Landlord Check

Owning a property comes with both privilege and responsibility. One of these responsibilities is carrying out all the check-ups to make sure your property is gas safe and that the life of your tenants is not at risk. But, what exactly are these responsibilities? Read on to find below the three most important things any […]

A Short Guide to LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas, commonly referred to as LPG, is the main fuel used for cooking equipment and heating appliances found in every home. In order to avoid accidents, we have come up with a short guide to help you prevent or detect LPG leaks and minimise the possible damage. Keep on reading to stay informed […]

6 Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Energy consumption in office buildings is a hot topic and there are many ways in which you can make it more efficient. We have come up with 6 recommendations that can reduce your energy bill and contribute to a greener environment. 1. Optimise the consumption after hours One of the best ways to reduce energy […]

How to Improve the Energy Use in Your Home

Old boilers can be noisy, energy-consuming and expensive. By taking a few energy-efficient measures, you can cut down on the energy consumption and on the bills for heating your home. A greener household leads to a sustainable consumption so you can enjoy the same–or an even better–comfort, without wasting energy and money. As per the […]

What Services Does a Commercial Plumber Offer?

What is the difference between a residential and a commercial plumber? Are both suited for the same type of services or is it better to hire one over the other? If you’re not sure about how exactly can a commercial plumber help you, you’re in the right place. We gathered all the info you need […]