What Services Does a Commercial Plumber Offer?

What is the difference between a residential and a commercial plumber? Are both suited for the same type of services or is it better to hire one over the other? If you’re not sure about how exactly can a commercial plumber help you, you’re in the right place. We gathered all the info you need in one article, so keep on reading to find out what are the services of a commercial plumber.

1. Pre-planned Maintenance

Gas appliances need regular maintenance in order to extend their lifecycle. This can also help prevent any unexpected breakdown. A commercial plumber can help you with both annual or occasional service, that ensures top safety for your business.

2. Assistance in Case of Breakdown or Emergency

Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. A central heating system, a boiler or other gas appliance breaking down in the middle of a meeting is the sort of emergency that a commercial plumber is trained to attend to.

3. Catering

As an entrepreneur, one of the top priorities is to make sure your business complies with the law and that your employees operate in a safe workplace. A commercial plumber can easily draw attention to and correct any issue that has the potential to get you a fine. Our engineers are also qualified to issue gas safety certificates or other proofs that your business is legally compliant.

4. Laundry

We don’t do laundry, but we do help you install, repair and service the non-domestic laundry gas appliances that you use in your business. The commercial plumbers in our team are also Gas Safe Registered engineers, which means they are qualified to carry out gas safety records.

5. Installations

What kind of equipment do you need to run your business? If it implies LPG or natural gas appliances, pipework or boilers, you can contact a commercial plumber to take care of the issue and hand out the gas safety certificate.

6. Pipework and System Works

If your business needs a complete makeover of the plumbing system, a commercial plumber can help you choose the right pipes and design the ideal plumbing system for your project.

7. Services for LPG appliances

Do some of the appliances in your headquarters run on LPG? Our commercial plumbers are trained to offer repairment, maintenance and replacement servicing for LPG appliances, among others. They also verify whether the plumbing systems are legally compliant and report any disturbance.

Do you need commercial plumbing services near Rotherham or Sheffield?

Now that you know how a commercial plumber can help you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us when you need such solutions in sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire. We offer first-class service and would love to assist you in making the best choice for your business.