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How your boiler could be costing you money?

How your boiler could be costing you money?

There are many simple ways you can save money on your energy bills, from switching off inactive appliances to reducing the temperature on your washing machine and boiler. A reason, sometimes overlooked for a costly energy bill is an inefficient boiler. Enhanced Energy Solutions, based in Rotherham, have over 20 years of experience working with boilers, and know they can be a cause of big expense.

Signs your boiler is costing you

There are some obvious signs to look out for when your boiler is mis-behaving. Generally, the earlier you spot the problem, the cheaper the boiler repair/s. Noticing problems early gives you the best possibility of having quick inexpensive repairs. If left they can lead to an extensive costly boiler repair, or possibly even a boiler replacement.

Below are the key signs that your boiler could be costing you money, which you could be spending elsewhere…

Heating time

An important thing to take note of is the time it takes for your home to heat up. If, once your boiler has kicked in, the time for the heat to reach the top floor exceeds 45 minutes, you should have it serviced, as it very likely that your boiler is costing you big money.

Leaking Water

Another thing to check for, is if there is water coming from the discharge pipe. If there is there could be a malfunction with a valve, or a pipe. This can lead to rust. Rust can be difficult to work with, and could result in high expenses having it replaced. When this happens, your boiler also costs more to run. Your boiler will continue to cause you high costs, until you get this fixed and arrange a boiler repair.

boiler installation Sheffield


The shape and colour of your burner flame can also indicate how healthy your boiler is. If your flame is red, or a limp orange, it is probable that your boiler is costing you needless money. Flames should be blue and short, as this means the fuel is being burned efficiently. If the flame is not short and blue, then you are going to be wasting money, spending it on fuel, which is not actually heating your home!


The age of your boiler is also very important. It can be the difference between an efficiently heated home, and an expensive disaster, when it comes to fuel consumption. Typically, it is advised that you replace your boiler every 20 years. However, you’ll be very fortunate if your boiler lasts this long, without needing any repairs or replacement parts in the meantime. Annually servicing your boiler though will help prolong its life.

Living near Rotherham and need a boiler repair or replacement?

If you have noticed any of the above signs, or feel your boiler is not working properly, then your boiler is probably causing you to waste money. If you are regularly paying out for boiler repairs, it may be time to invest in a new boiler. In the long run this will be a lot more energy and cost efficient.

If you live in Rotherham, or surrounding areas, then please contact us. We are always happy to discuss customer’s options with them, and endeavour to find the most cost-effective solutions.