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How dangerous can a burst pipe be?

How dangerous can a burst pipe be?

As the temperatures are quickly dropping, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the dangers of burst pipes. Cold winters can see a dramatic increase in water claims- due to frozen pipes bursting.

Potential damage of burst pipes

Burst pipes can release huge amounts of water. And water can cause significant damage. It can cause household items to break, stain furniture and ruin possessions– this can be particularly upsetting if it destroys sentimental belongings, like photos.

A burst pipe is also very inconvenient. The time, money, and emotional burden involved in repairs and replacements can become overwhelming. Sometimes the damage water causes can be so extensive that it even requires you to seek temporary accommodation elsewhere- whilst repairs are happening. And finally, water leaking is associated with mould growth, and risks to your health.

Therefore it’s really important to seek help, as soon as a pipe has burst- contact an emergency plumber immediately!  We also recommend you keep reading, and take note of the following advice. It should help prevent and minimise the risks of burst pipes, and its potential damage.

commercial gas (Rotherham)

Preventing and minimising the risks:

Insulate your pipes– this will help prevent them from freezing in the colder conditions. Frozen pipes are vulnerable to bursting. If you find a frozen pipe you must be cautious with handling it. If it is at ground level and easily accessible you may want to try thawing it. For guidance with this please click here. However, if in doubt we encourage you to contact a professional.

Know where your main stopcock is– where the water enters the property. In the event of an emergency it is important to know where and how to stop your flow of water. Occasionally test the stopcock to ensure it is working properly. If you ever find it is not, seek a plumber for assistance.

Report and deal with issues as soon as they’re noticed. The longer you leave problems, the worse they become. This will end up requiring more work and cause greater stress and expense.

In the event of a burst pipe

Even with all the preventive measures, sometimes pipes can still burst. Burst pipes can cause serious damage to structure of your home and the electrical wiring.  So if you experience this, we strongly advise you to take the following steps.

Turn the water supply off– turn off the main stop tap. This is normally located under the kitchen sink, or where the service pipe enters the home. Drain your system by turning on all your cold taps. If water has been leaking for a while, and the ceilings are bulging you must be careful. It may be dangerous to enter that room. If you think it is safe, carefully make a hole to release the water. Place buckets underneath the catch the escaping water. But, never touch the ceiling if you doubt its stability- contact a professional.

Turn your water heating systems and electrics off. The central heating and electrics should be off and electrical appliances should be moved away from any water. Remember electricity and water mixing can be extremely dangerous!

Call a professional Asap to help fix the pipe and repair any damage.

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