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How to get the most out of your boiler this winter

How to get the most out of your boiler this winter

Enhanced energy solutions can provide Sheffield with many boiler services- from boiler installation to repairs. A boiler is essential to a home- especially in the winter! So, find out how to get most from it, by continue reading.

Annual servicing

To get the most out the boiler you should make sure it is annually serviced by a qualified engineer. Having an annual boiler service will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently. This will be especially important in these winter months. An annual service will allow for your engineer to detect any small problems and identify any potential issues, before they become big and costly. So, if you have not yet had your annual service, we strongly recommend you arrange one soon! Plus, remember not having an annual service can invalidate any boiler warranty you have.

So as to have your boiler running efficiently and working as hard as it can be, you should also consider doing the following things to prepare your home this winter.

Preparing your home

Exclude draughts

Winter breezes really can be chilling. They’re sneaky and will slip into the gaps in your home- if you don’t block them. So, check the edges of your windows and doors for draughts and seal any gaps. You can do this with self-adhesive draught strips. Or you can purchase draught excluders. You could also hire a professional, to assist you in draught proofing your home.

boiler installation (Sheffield)

It’s important to do this for the sake of your energy bills. Letting cold air in and warm air out, will obviously make your home colder- thus, forcing your boiler to work harder. Plus, if you don’t exclude draughts, you will end up wanting the heating on for longer and higher!

Add insulation

On average about ¼ of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. So having good loft and wall cavity insulation, could help keep your house warm and your energy bills low. For information on insulation- including where to insulate and the potential savings in doing so- please click here.

Your pipes should also be insulated. The colder temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can be vulnerable to bursting. This could cause massive damage to your home. Insulating them is the best way to prevent this from happening. If you find your pipes have frozen, you could attempt to thaw them. For guidance with this, please click here. Only do this if they’re easily accessible and at ground level. If they aren’t, or if you’re feeling unsure we encourage you to seek professional assistance.

Check your radiators

You’ve probably barely used your radiators over summer. So when they start being in high demand again, they can display a few problems. One of the most common issues is trapped air. This can be identified by feeling for cold spots on your radiator, or noticing that your radiators are significantly colder towards the top. Trapped air stops the heat from circulating properly. It prevents your home from feeling as warm and forces your boiler to work harder. To release this tapped air you will need to bleed your radiators. This should be a fairly simple task, which most home-owners can do. For help click here.

Do you need a boiler installation in Sheffield?

If you need a boiler installation- or any heating assistance, or advice- in Sheffield, or its surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to assist you with all your heating needs!

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