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Why a combi boiler might not be for you

‘Enhanced Energy Solutions’ have installed many boilers in Sheffield. Boiler installation requires many considerations. Although the combination (combi) boiler has become the most popular choice of boiler in the UK, it might not actually be right for you.

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler are now the most common type in the UK. They can be either electric or gas and they work by drawing water from the mains supply and then heating it, when it is needed.

As they do not need a tank in the loft, they do not require a lot of space.  They can provide heat and hot water on demand and storage combi boilers allow for a small store of water. They cannot, however, effectively supply multiple taps simultaneously.

Is a combi-boiler right for me?

Who is it right for?

If you are a small family, or have a small house, with one bathroom, then installing a combi boiler could be right for you. They can meet low demands of heat and water, when required. They can also easily fit into small spaces, such as in a cupboard, meaning there will be more space available- the loft will be not be needed!

Who is it not right for?

If you are a large family, or have a large house, with multiple bathrooms combi boilers may not be right for you. They can only effectively supply one tap at a time, so they will not be able to meet high demands of hot water. If there are many people needing hot water, to get ready for school or work for example, they will be better suited to an alternative boiler.

If not a combi boiler, then what?

If you decide a combi boiler is not suitable, you might want to consider getting a conventional or system boiler. Both these boilers can supply multiple taps. Conventional boilers need more space compared with other boiler types; they need both a cylinder and a tank, and the pump is housed outside the boiler.  However, they can then deal with a greater demand for hot water.


System boilers are similar to conventional but they only require a cylinder. Consequently, the loft is left available- no feed tank is needed to be stored there. System boilers also house several of the components, which a conventional boiler does not, meaning boiler installation is easier.

Looking for boiler installation, in Sheffield?

If you are looking for a new boiler to be installed in the Sheffield area, please get in contact.


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