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Do You Know What To Do When You Have A Gas Leak?

It is not always easy to detect a gas leak in your home, which means that it’s not always easy to see the effects that they can cause until it is too late. Tackling gas issues quickly is important to keeping you and your family safe. We handle boiler repairs in the Rotherham area, we’ve seen […]

What different boiler noises mean?

Considering that most boilers make use of gas which be highly dangerous, it can be very frightening for homeowners if they start  to hear strange noises coming from their boilers, so here’s a short breakdown of the different kinds of noises you may hear from your boiler and what they could be trying to tell […]

How to make your home Gas Safe?

We all know that gas can be dangerous and how important it is to stay safe. There are many things that you should be on the lookout for such as carbon monoxide (CO) so here’s what you need to know in order to keep your home safe… Get in touch with a Gas Safe Engineer […]