The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

Air conditioners can be a blessing during summer days, but they can also turn into a great discomfort if they are not maintained properly. Our team at Enhanced Energy Solutions has come up with 3 of the most common problems that can occur when an AC system is installed, and the solutions at hand to fix them.

  1. The Unit Isn’t Cooling the Air

Probably the most common problem for air conditioning systems is a unit that won’t cool the air. This can happen due to many reasons, such as a big temperature difference between the air outside and the temperature that was set, dirt on the air filter, ice stuck in or around the pipes or a low level of refrigerant (the solution that cools and dehumidifies the air). However, a low level a coolant indicates a leak or a crack in the system, since the liquid doesn’t naturally consume.

Solutions:  The first thing to check in this case is the air filter. If there is too much dirt gathered on the filter, it can impair the entire system. If the filter doesn’t present signs of dirt, check for ice or debris in or around the pipes. Clean them before restarting the air conditioner. If the problem persists, check for cracks that may cause leakage of the refrigerant and address the issue.

  1. The Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Instead of Cool Air

Once again, a dirty air filter can be at fault for a unit that blows hot air instead of cold. A clean filter allows the air to flow properly, but dirt can impair this flow.

Solution: Clean the air filter and check the outside unit as well, to make sure that there isn’t any debris that might obstruct the air flow. Another cause of hot air coming out of the air conditioner is low freon.

  1. There Is a Leak Coming from the Unit

In order to blow cool air, the unit uses condensation that is typically drained through the pipes. If the pipes get cracked or blocked, the condensation might not get drained properly.

Solution: check the drain pipe for cracks and ask for help with repairment or replacement. If the pipes are fully functional, check for debris or ice and clear them. Last, but not least, you can check the connection to the pump that condensates the air, as a simple disconnection can cause condensation to spill inside instead of be drained through the pipes.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’re more than happy to help you with your air conditioning system installment or replacement. You can reach out to us via the Contact Form on the website or call us at 0800 061 4102.

How to Improve the Energy Use in Your Home

Old boilers can be noisy, energy-consuming and expensive. By taking a few energy-efficient measures, you can cut down on the energy consumption and on the bills for heating your home. A greener household leads to a sustainable consumption so you can enjoy the same–or an even better–comfort, without wasting energy and money.

As per the measures announced in 2017 by the Government, all domestic households should align with the regulations that aim to reduce the carbon emissions in both the UK and Europe. Although the regulations refer only to the boilers installed after the 1st of April 2018, eventually, all heating systems will need to include one (or more) of the following systems that allow an efficient energy use:

  1. Flue gas heat recovery system

It is estimated that the flue gases released by a heating system can reach temperatures as high as 60°C. Therefore, a lot of warmth that is normally produced by a boiler is wasted away. Flue gas heat recovery systems were designed to cut down on waste and reuse the already heated water. They can be installed by a gas safe registered plumber and they can significantly cut down the bills you pay during winter. Their biggest advantage is that they don’t interfere at all with your comfort so you can enjoy the same temperature, but consume and pay for less energy.

  1. Weather compensation system

Another energy-effective system, it was designed to match the temperature in your home to the one outside. A sensor placed on the outer wall of your home communicates with the boiler so that the heat generated inside is adjusted to the cold or sunny day outside. It practically automates the temperature setting, so that the boiler only generates the energy required. This system not only saves you money but also increases your comfort, as the days when the house is too hot or too cold will be long gone.

  1. Load compensation

This function is already used on a wider scale than the previous systems mentioned, and thermostats are just an example. The idea behind load compensation is to adjust the internal temperature to the one set by the consumer so that the boiler doesn’t generate constant energy.

  1. Smart controls

Smart controls are probably one of the best innovations that technology brought along. With a simple tap on a tablet or smartphone or just a few clicks on a laptop, the consumer can remotely modify the temperature settings in their home, giving full control over the energy use.

     5. Turn your household greener

If you want to replace your old boiler or install an energy-efficient system to your boiler, get in touch with us. With over 20 years of experience in heating, gas and plumbing service, we have proudly served clients in and around Sheffield, ensuring them the comfort they deserve.

What Services Does a Commercial Plumber Offer?

What is the difference between a residential and a commercial plumber? Are both suited for the same type of services or is it better to hire one over the other? If you’re not sure about how exactly can a commercial plumber help you, you’re in the right place. We gathered all the info you need in one article, so keep on reading to find out what are the services of a commercial plumber.

1. Pre-planned Maintenance

Gas appliances need regular maintenance in order to extend their lifecycle. This can also help prevent any unexpected breakdown. A commercial plumber can help you with both annual or occasional service, that ensures top safety for your business.

2. Assistance in Case of Breakdown or Emergency

Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. A central heating system, a boiler or other gas appliance breaking down in the middle of a meeting is the sort of emergency that a commercial plumber is trained to attend to.

3. Catering

As an entrepreneur, one of the top priorities is to make sure your business complies with the law and that your employees operate in a safe workplace. A commercial plumber can easily draw attention to and correct any issue that has the potential to get you a fine. Our engineers are also qualified to issue gas safety certificates or other proofs that your business is legally compliant.

4. Laundry

We don’t do laundry, but we do help you install, repair and service the non-domestic laundry gas appliances that you use in your business. The commercial plumbers in our team are also Gas Safe Registered engineers, which means they are qualified to carry out gas safety records.

5. Installations

What kind of equipment do you need to run your business? If it implies LPG or natural gas appliances, pipework or boilers, you can contact a commercial plumber to take care of the issue and hand out the gas safety certificate.

6. Pipework and System Works

If your business needs a complete makeover of the plumbing system, a commercial plumber can help you choose the right pipes and design the ideal plumbing system for your project.

7. Services for LPG appliances

Do some of the appliances in your headquarters run on LPG? Our commercial plumbers are trained to offer repairment, maintenance and replacement servicing for LPG appliances, among others. They also verify whether the plumbing systems are legally compliant and report any disturbance.

Do you need commercial plumbing services near Rotherham or Sheffield?

Now that you know how a commercial plumber can help you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us when you need such solutions in sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire. We offer first-class service and would love to assist you in making the best choice for your business.

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Is your home ready for the cold this christmas?

Is your home ready for the cold this Christmas?

Enhanced Energy Solutions can provide Rotherham and its surrounding areas with many services- from performing a boiler repair, to installing heat pumps. And with Christmas just round the corner, we’ve decided to put together this post to help you make sure your home is ready for the cold!

Preparing your plumbing

Being unprepared for the dropping temperatures this winter could end up causing serious issues for your plumbing system. Pipes can be vulnerable to freezing- affecting your heating and plumbing systems- and are vulnerable to bursting. Burst pipes can cause significant damage to your home! So, to keep yourself safe from these risks follow these tips:

Insulate your pipes and hot water heater

Insulating your pipes will help prevent them from freezing. It’ll also help keep your energy bills down. Hot water heater blankets can be a great way to insulate hot water heaters. It can reduce energy consumption and extend the heater’s lifespan- because the system won’t have to work as hard.

Fix any leaks

Leaks can always be a problem. They can make your water bills soar! They can also cause damage to your home and are associated with some health problems. So, we always encourage you to keep a lookout for leaks and get any fixed at the earliest opportunity.

In winter fixing leaks seems especially important. When the temperature drops, even the smallest of leaks could cause big problems. If the water freezes, there could be more damage to the surrounding pipes. And- as mentioned= leaks can cause serious damage and costs to your home. So, never ignore them- it can and will just make the problem worse!

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Preparing your heating

Along with your plumbing, you should check that your central heating system- particularly your boiler- is still operating efficiently and safely. Make sure you fix any boiler problems as soon as you can.  To see some boiler signs which indicate a problem, keep reading. Some problems may [just] be annoying and affect your energy bills. However, others can leave you and your home in significant danger! So make sure you familiarise yourself these common boiler warning signs.

Boiler warning signs

  • Boiler noises
  • Frequent repairs
  • Fluctuating water temperatures and pressure
  • Lazy orange flame

A lazy orange flame can be a sign of carbon monoxide. This is a dangerous- potentially fatal- gas. So we encourage you to know its symptoms– see them here. Seek immediate help if you suspect its presence. Also fit a carbon monoxide detector, if you haven’t already. It’s one of the best ways have your house ready and protected from this poisonous gas. Detectors can be purchased cheaply from most hardware stores, and are easy to install. For guidance please click here. However, if you’re struggling with this, an engineer can assist you.

Annual boiler servicing

Have you had your annual boiler service? Your boiler should be serviced every year. It can allow for any problems to be detected, before they become more serious. A service helps make sure your boiler is operating efficiently and safely. Plus, not having a service invalidates most boiler warranties! So, if you haven’t had your annual boiler service yet, we encourage you to promptly arrange one.

Do you need a boiler repair in Rotherham?

If you need a boiler repair, or any other heating and plumbing assistance to help your home- in or around Rotherham- get ready for the cold this winter please don’t hesitate to contact us. With full public liability insurance, you can hire us with complete peace of mind!

boiler repair (Rotherham)

Is smart home heating the way forward?

Is smart home heating the way forward?

Our customers often ask our advice on their home heating. Smart home heating is increasingly gaining interest. So we have decided to put together this blog to tell you what smart home heating is, it’s pros and cons, and if it could be the way forward for you.

Smart Home Heating

Smart home heating involves the use of thermostats. A typical/ traditional room thermostat simply allows you to change the temperature in your home by using a control panel or dial. A smart thermostat, however, provides you with more efficient and user-friendly control over the heating of your home- by using just three basic components.

3 components:

The first component is plugged directly into your boiler. It can wirelessly communicate with the second component. This is an in-home device- which is the thermostat and chief control. The third component is an app. This app is typically downloaded on to a tablet, or smart phone- though some are downloaded onto computers or laptops too. Users can then remotely control the second component (the thermostat/chief control device), by using the app. This allows them to easily alter the heating, wherever they are!

Note, however that this is just the basic foundation of smart thermostats. Some smart thermostats can offer much more! Some, for example, remember your household’s schedule, or can detect when you’re close to home. They can then prepare the heating accordingly.

The benefits of smart thermostats/heating

Being able to remotely control a home’s temperature can be especially appealing to those with busy schedules, or those particularly forgetful. If you have gone out and left the heating on, or if you have a meeting or appointment that is overrunning (so you’re not home when expected) you can just use your phone to turn your heating off!

Smart heating can thus save you from feelings of stress, the inconvenience of having to return home to turn off the heating, and save you money on your energy bills. You will no longer need to leave an empty house being heated. So although smart thermostats may not directly save you money- in the way switching energy suppliers can- they can save you money by helping reduce your usage. You can receive reports about how you use your energy. Becoming aware of times when you use and probably waste energy, will help you adjust your behaviour and preferences. Being less wasteful will obviously decrease energy bills.\

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Potential cons:

Some smart thermostats may seem like an initial undesirable expense. Yet, often the savings make them worth it. Many manufactures predict you will make the cost back within the first year! However, your actual savings will depend on several factors, such as which thermostat you choose to install and your current heating features and habits.

But please bear in mind that smart heating (and any smart technology) does require a good wireless internet connection, and the app to be downloaded on a modern device. So if you have an older model phone or tablet, you may find compatibility issues. And if you live in a remote area and suffer poor internet connectivity, smart heating doesn’t seem like it’ll be the way forward for you.

Do you need any boiler repair assistance in the Rotherham area?

If you would like more advice, or any boiler or heating assistance, please get in touch with us here. We are always happy to provide a no-risk consultation- free of charge!

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How dangerous can a burst pipe be?

How dangerous can a burst pipe be?

As the temperatures are quickly dropping, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the dangers of burst pipes. Cold winters can see a dramatic increase in water claims- due to frozen pipes bursting.

Potential damage of burst pipes

Burst pipes can release huge amounts of water. And water can cause significant damage. It can cause household items to break, stain furniture and ruin possessions– this can be particularly upsetting if it destroys sentimental belongings, like photos.

A burst pipe is also very inconvenient. The time, money, and emotional burden involved in repairs and replacements can become overwhelming. Sometimes the damage water causes can be so extensive that it even requires you to seek temporary accommodation elsewhere- whilst repairs are happening. And finally, water leaking is associated with mould growth, and risks to your health.

Therefore it’s really important to seek help, as soon as a pipe has burst- contact an emergency plumber immediately!  We also recommend you keep reading, and take note of the following advice. It should help prevent and minimise the risks of burst pipes, and its potential damage.

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Preventing and minimising the risks:

Insulate your pipes– this will help prevent them from freezing in the colder conditions. Frozen pipes are vulnerable to bursting. If you find a frozen pipe you must be cautious with handling it. If it is at ground level and easily accessible you may want to try thawing it. For guidance with this please click here. However, if in doubt we encourage you to contact a professional.

Know where your main stopcock is– where the water enters the property. In the event of an emergency it is important to know where and how to stop your flow of water. Occasionally test the stopcock to ensure it is working properly. If you ever find it is not, seek a plumber for assistance.

Report and deal with issues as soon as they’re noticed. The longer you leave problems, the worse they become. This will end up requiring more work and cause greater stress and expense.

In the event of a burst pipe

Even with all the preventive measures, sometimes pipes can still burst. Burst pipes can cause serious damage to structure of your home and the electrical wiring.  So if you experience this, we strongly advise you to take the following steps.

Turn the water supply off– turn off the main stop tap. This is normally located under the kitchen sink, or where the service pipe enters the home. Drain your system by turning on all your cold taps. If water has been leaking for a while, and the ceilings are bulging you must be careful. It may be dangerous to enter that room. If you think it is safe, carefully make a hole to release the water. Place buckets underneath the catch the escaping water. But, never touch the ceiling if you doubt its stability- contact a professional.

Turn your water heating systems and electrics off. The central heating and electrics should be off and electrical appliances should be moved away from any water. Remember electricity and water mixing can be extremely dangerous!

Call a professional Asap to help fix the pipe and repair any damage.

Do you need commercial gas near Rotherham?

If you need a boiler help (or any heating or plumbing assistance) in or around Rotherham, please contact us. We promise to always offer an affordable, and professional service.

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How to deal with those annoying noises

How to deal with those annoying noises

Enhanced Energy Solutions can provide many services from installing renewable technology,  to performing a boiler repair. We cover Sheffield and its surrounding areas.

Our customers often come to us for advice about their central heating system. This can make a range of noises. Sometimes these can indicate a serious issue- which will need to be looked at by a professional. However, other times they can be easily resolved by the typical homeowner. So we are here to tell you about some of the common noises your central heating system makes- and how best to deal with them!

Noises from your central heating system

Noisy boiler

A build-up of limescale is often responsible for a noisy boiler. It is fairly common in older boilers, and in places with particularly hard water. So before calling for a professional, you should try removing the limescale to see if this will solve your noise issues. Removing this excess scale is relatively straightforward. You just need to add a de-scaler to your feed and expansion tank. Then, once it’s been allowed to make its way around the system, you need to flush your central heating using clean water. Also add some radiator inhibitor- as this will help prevent corrosion. To prevent further occurrences you may also want to consider adding a water softener.

Banging pipes

Your pipes banging, could be due to a number of reasons. They may be simply overheating, or perhaps they were not secured under the floorboards correctly. The first thing you should do when you notice your pipes making thudding sounds, is check the thermostat. In order to do this, turn your boiler off and let the system fully cool down. After it’s been off for a while, switch your heating back on again, cranking up the thermostat. When you do this you should hear a click. If you don’t hear a click, you have a problem and will need an engineer to come diagnose and fix it.

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Gurgling Radiators

If your central heating system makes a gurgling sound (it may sound like a kettle starting to boil) it’s likely due to trapped air. When air becomes trapped it can cause uneven heat distribution. Normally, you can easily identify this problem by simply feeling your radiators. The problem is more likely to occur in winter due to the sudden increase in heating demand. Fortunately though, with the correct tools and guidance, you can quickly resolve the issue by bleeding your radiators.

Humming sounds

Your boiler making humming noises can mean that the heating elements are not functioning as they should. This is normally due to being set to the wrong pressure or timing. So, the first thing you should do is check that your thermostat is working correctly. If you find that it is, focus on the central heating pump. Sometimes these are set too fast- so cause noises- and need to be slowed down. It may also be necessary to decrease the pressure. Having your settings too high can result in clanging sounds and damaged pipes.

Do you need a boiler repair in Sheffield?

Often there can be a simple solution to your central heating noises. However, if you have found our advice unsuccessful we strongly encourage you to contact a professional. If you need a boiler repair in Sheffield- or any other heating, gas or plumbing service- please do not hesitate to contact us. With over 20 years of experience, we are confident we can meet all your heating and plumbing needs!

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How to get the most out of your boiler this winter

How to get the most out of your boiler this winter

Enhanced energy solutions can provide Sheffield with many boiler services- from boiler installation to repairs. A boiler is essential to a home- especially in the winter! So, find out how to get most from it, by continue reading.

Annual servicing

To get the most out the boiler you should make sure it is annually serviced by a qualified engineer. Having an annual boiler service will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently. This will be especially important in these winter months. An annual service will allow for your engineer to detect any small problems and identify any potential issues, before they become big and costly. So, if you have not yet had your annual service, we strongly recommend you arrange one soon! Plus, remember not having an annual service can invalidate any boiler warranty you have.

So as to have your boiler running efficiently and working as hard as it can be, you should also consider doing the following things to prepare your home this winter.

Preparing your home

Exclude draughts

Winter breezes really can be chilling. They’re sneaky and will slip into the gaps in your home- if you don’t block them. So, check the edges of your windows and doors for draughts and seal any gaps. You can do this with self-adhesive draught strips. Or you can purchase draught excluders. You could also hire a professional, to assist you in draught proofing your home.

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It’s important to do this for the sake of your energy bills. Letting cold air in and warm air out, will obviously make your home colder- thus, forcing your boiler to work harder. Plus, if you don’t exclude draughts, you will end up wanting the heating on for longer and higher!

Add insulation

On average about ¼ of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. So having good loft and wall cavity insulation, could help keep your house warm and your energy bills low. For information on insulation- including where to insulate and the potential savings in doing so- please click here.

Your pipes should also be insulated. The colder temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can be vulnerable to bursting. This could cause massive damage to your home. Insulating them is the best way to prevent this from happening. If you find your pipes have frozen, you could attempt to thaw them. For guidance with this, please click here. Only do this if they’re easily accessible and at ground level. If they aren’t, or if you’re feeling unsure we encourage you to seek professional assistance.

Check your radiators

You’ve probably barely used your radiators over summer. So when they start being in high demand again, they can display a few problems. One of the most common issues is trapped air. This can be identified by feeling for cold spots on your radiator, or noticing that your radiators are significantly colder towards the top. Trapped air stops the heat from circulating properly. It prevents your home from feeling as warm and forces your boiler to work harder. To release this tapped air you will need to bleed your radiators. This should be a fairly simple task, which most home-owners can do. For help click here.

Do you need a boiler installation in Sheffield?

If you need a boiler installation- or any heating assistance, or advice- in Sheffield, or its surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to assist you with all your heating needs!

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How a new boiler can save you money?

How a new boiler can save you money?

Old and broken boilers can be a huge cause of expense and frustration. Enhanced Energy Solutions understands this. With over 20 years’ experience, we offer full design and installation service- from plantroom to boiler installations- to Sheffield and its surrounding areas.

Installing a new boiler may seem initially expensive, but in the long-run, it can be save you considerable money! Read on to find out more…

The cost of a new boiler:

Your boiler is a very important part of your home, especially in the colder months. Therefore, it is important that you can rely on it, to run properly and meet your heating demands. When/if your boiler does start to fail, you will need to consider arranging for a repair, or a replacement. However, sometimes the costs can be a discouraging factor.

New boilers are not particularly cheap. The price can differ depending on the brand, size and type that you choose. Prices typically range from about £500 to £2500. Nonetheless, fortunately the costs of boiler installation and replacement are normally compensated, due to the savings from your new, higher energy efficient boiler.

Installing a new boiler and replacing an old energy inefficient one, will save you considerable money on your gas bills every year. Your annual savings will depend on the efficiency of your old and new boiler. However, over your boiler’s life expectancy- (typically between 10-15 years)- the savings on your bills will outweigh the initial new boiler costs.

When to consider a new boiler installation

Frequent repairs

If your boiler keeps breaking, and you keep calling out for repairs, it may be more cost efficient to arrange for a new boiler installation. Your engineer will tend to advise when it is best to invest in a boiler replacement. You should really follow their recommendation. Otherwise, you can end up having a lot more financial and emotional burden in the long run.

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Continuous pilot light

If your current boiler has a continuous pilot light, you may want to consider getting a new boiler. A continuous pilot light is the flame, which you can see burning through a little window on the front of your boiler. These tend to be a popular feature on older boilers. They are a significant waste of gas, so your gas bills should considerably decrease with a new boiler.


If your boiler is located on the floor, instead of on the wall, it is probably an older and less energy-efficient model. Again, if you are in this situation you should consider purchasing a replacement.

More money saving methods

Before arranging for a new boiler- or, even after having a new one installed, there are some things you can to further save money.

Firstly, make sure you keep up to date with your annual boiler service. This will help your engineer detect any small problems, before they become anything major. It will ensure that your boiler is efficient and running properly, so you are not spending more on energy bills than you need to.

Also add insulation to your home. Adding insulation to your loft, walls and floors will help reduce your energy bills, thus saving you money! Click here to find out just how much money insulation can save you.

Need a boiler installation in Sheffield?

We pride ourselves in offering a first-class service, covering domestic, commercial gas and plumbing and renewable technology.

So please, if you need a boiler installation in Sheffield, or its surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Does your boiler do any of these things?

Sometimes your boiler might being trying to tell you that something isn’t quite right. When that happens, it’s important that you listen so here’s a few things you need to look out for when it comes to your boiler…

Is it making strange noises?

If your boiler has started to make noises then that usually means that something could be wrong and you should take the time to get a better idea of what’s going on. It can be difficult to express exactly how something sounds but there are a few sounds that we’ll try to generalise that you should keep track off.

Whistling noises tend to be cause by something known as kettling. It could also be down to trapped air somewhere inside of your system. Kettling is something that you might already be familiar with. Kettling tends to occur from a build up of limescale near the heat exchanger in a device. and if it turns out that there is a buildup of trapped air somewhere in your system and is a very simple fix for a heating engineer. Your heating engineer will also be able to tell you how the situation occurred in the first place and put things in motion so that it doesn’t happen again.

If you start to hear loud banging noises, then this may also be a sign of of kettling from within your system. If a blockage develops from within the system that limits the flow of your water can cause some of water to rise and expand and that can be the cause of the loud noises that you have been hearing.

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Is it costing you money?

If you don’t keep an eye on the settings that you use then it might be that your boiler isn’t working as efficiently as possible which means that it could be costing you more money in bills than is actually necessary.

There’s a few things that you can do to make sure that isn’t happening. The first is to make sure that you keep your boiler at a reasonable temperature. It might sound elementary, but the easiest way to save money is to keep you boiler at around 19-21 degrees. From there, as tempting as it might be to turn up the heat to warm yourself up quickly, the best thing you can do is wear more layers of clothing, as your boiler won’t heat up quicker by turning up the thermostat. It will need to fire up and reach those higher temperatures which won’t get you warm quicker.

Don’t forget to make good use of a timer as this is one of the easiest ways to keep your bills down. The reason that it pays to get used to understanding how your timers work is that it means that you’ll be able to feel the benefits of the heat your boiler is creating when it really matters.

Need help with commercial gas in Sheffield?

We work in commercial gas in the Sheffield area, but also understand how to help homeowners understand what’s best for their needs. If you have any questions, get in touch us on 0800 061 4102 or leave us a message here on our website.